The Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Screening

HR drug testing is required for those who work in law enforcement or with government industries. But, even with other business industries, drug testing has its benefits. Drug testing allows for a safe and productive environment for all workers. Protecting your company should be your number one priority, and drug testing can provide just that.

The Importance of Drug Screening Employees

Corporate drug testing has a plethora of benefits. Here are some of them.

Keeps Your Business Protected Against Lawsuits & Workers’ Comp Claims

If an employee has a drug-related accident while on the job, your company will be responsible if you neglected to provide a safe working environment. By making it a requirement for employees to submit to a drug screening, you can easily determine the employees who pose a threat to others and themselves. With this information, you can keep your company safeguarded against lawsuits.

Generally speaking, if an employee is injured while working, they will be allowed to collect workers’ compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses. However, if an employer can prove that this accident occurred because of the employee’s illegal drug use, the employee may be unable to collect workers’ compensation. In turn, the employer can save money.

Unplanned Testing Discourages Workers

Conversely, another great way to keep your company’s environment safe is by performing random drug tests. If workers are aware that they may be tested at any given time, they may choose wisely when it comes to using drugs. This is especially true if they know drug use will subject them to disciplinary action and possible termination.

Decreases Rate of Replacement

Employees that use drugs are unable to accurately perform their work. This may result in their termination or their quitting. Businesses spend a lot of money trying to find new employees to replace the former. Having employees submit to a drug test will ensure that your company hires dependable employees. As a result, you can significantly reduce your turnover rate.

Can Make Employees Seek Treatment

It may be easy to terminate employees that test positive for drug use. However, many employers use this as a good time to get these employees the help they need. Instead of punishing these employees, they offer sympathy. This good deed can also help family members of the employees get through their drug problems by finding the right resources to help them get by.

The best way to lower the rates of accidents and crime in your workplace is by having all employees submit to a drug test. This can also increase productivity in the workplace. Pre-employment drug testing can help your company hire dependable workers and help avoid those who could cost your business a fortune.