5 Qualities a Good Manager Should Have

When discussing the best manager qualities for a human resources department or other types of business management, there are a number of qualities upper management tends to look for. Hiring the right manager to communicate with and train employees is vitally important to the company’s overall success.

What are some of the good qualities of a manager? What should the focus be on when hiring your next human resources manager? Let’s talk about five qualities that every good manager should have.

1. A Good Manager Should Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Most employees would agree that knowing what their manager expects and how to accomplish those expectations is very important. Having a manager get on your case about an aspect of work where you have fallen short is rough. It’s even worse when you have no idea what the manager had expected in the first place.

A good manager will be clear in their instructions. They will verify what the expectation is and train the employee to meet those expectations. They will provide follow-up training and feedback to ensure the task is done correctly.

2. A Good Manager Is Professional in Conduct and Things They Say

Nothing makes your workday more uncomfortable and harder to deal with than an unprofessional or inappropriate manager. A good HR manager should be friendly, approachable, and work-focused. He or she should not be inappropriate towards subordinates or any member of the company. They should not use obscene language, tell dirty jokes, or sexually harass any employees. By staying focused on the job at hand, professional and friendly, they will create a comfortable company environment.

3. A Good Manager Will Trust Their Employees

Building trust between management and employees is a big part of company productivity. If the employees feel confident that their manager respects them and believes in them, they will do better work and be proud. This trust-building attitude will be contagious within the company, with more being accomplished.

4. A Good Manager Excels in Training

When a productive manager can train employees in a thorough, efficient manner, it frees them up to handle other tasks in a more timely way. By duplicating many of his or her own traits, they will build a stronger work team and more will be accomplished collectively.

5. A Good Manager Bonds With Their Team

One aspect of a strong, happy workplace team is having a great bond with their manager. If their manager takes a genuine interest in them beyond their work, they see that manager as a human being and not only a boss. This tends to increase loyalty to the company and additional productivity.

It’s very important to have excellent leadership in the workplace. Having a good manager that is effective in communication, training, positive attitude and professionalism will keep the employee team working hard and happy in the workplace.