Seven Key Principles of HR Management

Whether you’re starting a new career in HR management or you’re just looking to gain an understanding of how HR works at your company, there are some basic principles that the human resources department of every business should follow. At its core, a skilled HR team at companies in Frisco, TX, and anywhere else in the country, must always put the needs of employees first. Read on to learn about the principles of HR management.

Remember that employees have lives outside of work

Generally, employees spend about half of their waking hours at work—they have completely separate lives and interests outside of the office. Every good HR manager should remember that the family or personal life of an employee can affect their performance in the workplace.

People work better when they feel valued

One of the most basic principles of HR management is that employees need to feel that they’re valued members of a team. Without employees, a company doesn’t have a strong chance of success. When everyone feels like their contributions are valued, it makes it much easier for the entire team to work toward company goals.

Always work on a merit system

Rewards, whether monetary or in any other form, must be allocated based on employee performance. Base all rewards on good work, and employees will be incentivized to succeed.

Keep everyone in the loop

As the old saying goes, secrets are no fun. Maintain a line of open and honest communication to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Employees are more committed to an organization when they feel like they’re in the know about the company’s mission, values and overall performance.

Provide opportunities for growth

No employee wants to stagnate in a position for too long. A skilled HR manager knows how to harness the experience and talents of individual employees, moving them into positions that fit their goals and interests. Opportunities for growth motivate employees to perform at their best, and increased initiative is a win-win for everyone involved.

Emphasize fairness

Everyone in your organization should be treated fairly. All HR programs should have safeguards in place to remove all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Selection and placement processes should always be based on the equal opportunity principle. When making hiring and promotional decisions, always look to merit and an employee’s overall fit with the company instead of gender, color, race, religion and other demographic characteristics.

Treat everyone with respect

This is perhaps the most important component of HR management. Every employee, regardless of rank, needs to be treated with total respect and dignity. It’s the best way to generate goodwill and develop a team atmosphere with every member of an organization.

Following these seven key principles of HR management keeps employees happy and boosts productivity for your Frisco, TX company. Need help developing an HR strategy for your organization? Get in touch with Windsor HR Services, Inc. today to learn about how a structured HR program is the secret to success. We look forward to working with you.